Pedestrian Safety Enforcement: Public Awareness

New Mexico Pedestrian Safety: A Shared Responsibility

The brochure highlights New Mexico State Statues regarding safety tips for pedestrians and drivers. Brochure


Este folleto destaca los estatutos nuevo mexicanos y los consejos de seguridad para los peatones y conductores. Folleto

Pedestrian Safety Public Awareness

With the help of stakeholder agencies, the New Mexico Pedestrian Safety Initiative has worked to enhance public awareness of pedestrian safety and overcome barriers by developing contemporary media messages to reach specifically targeted audiences and high-risk populations while generating widespread public exposure and awareness of pedestrian safety. The 2009 public awareness campaign pilot project impacted pedestrian safety with a bi-lingual message encouraging everyone to remember to “Always Yield to Pedestrians.”

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UNM Campus Pedestrian Safety Survey Results

An online survey of UNM students, faculty and staff on main campus was completed to measure the attitudes and behaviors toward pedestrian safety in and around campus. The survey was available on line from 3/22/10 through 4/30/2010 and 222 completed the on-line survey. Survey results indicated the majority age was between 45-54 (31.08%); not Hispanic or Latino (83.33%); had completed 4 years of college (81.53%) and that all trips to UNM were by car (53.15%).

The majority of survey participants responded that as a pedestrian they had a close call of getting hit by a vehicle (52.70%); 3.15% said they had been hit and 44.14% had not had a close call. Driver speed, lack of traffic calming features in around Lomas, Central, Girard, University, Redondo, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Stanford, MLK, and the numerous intersections and parking areas that are very small and dangerous for both vehicles and pedestrians were comments noted throughout the survey.

Survey respondents indicated agreement with the statement – I wish there were more enforcement of driving laws (73.93% agreed). Comments included no enforcement of speed, driver/traffic laws, bike laws, jay walking, cell phone use, skateboards, distracted driving, no personal education, respect or acknowledgement of dangerous factors in and around campus, better lighting, maintained crosswalks – paint – holes/cracks

Survey respondents indicated agreement with the statement - Drivers not paying enough attention (agree 87.20%); pedestrian don’t pay enough attention (Agree 85.78%) and drivers go to fast in and around the UNM area (71.09%). Comments included re-painting of crosswalks, lack of crosswalks at non-signalized intersections, lights at UNMH and Camino de Salud take too long and too many jay walk to catch the bus, speeding by vehicles, cell phone distractions by both pedestrians and drivers.