Amjad Musleh

Photo: true

Department of Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medical Services Academy


Undergrad: UNM

Med School: UNM

Hometown: Nomad by birth but born in the Cajun country of Baton Rouge (Geaux Tigers!!!).


Why Albuquerque: I moved here in 2001 after living in 12 different States and 3 Different countries. I love it here. I went to school just south of the hospital for undergrad, and just north of it for med school. I plan on dying on Third south (Ortho department, probably secondary to a PE) because I love this place so much. Also, I couldn’t find any other place that I felt had as genuine of a faculty as this place. Also, UNM is one of the top programs in the country, who wouldn’t want to be here? Finally, my parents and my wife’s parents all live here, no sense in leaving this place.

Life Before Med School: I thank god each and every day for the fulfilling life that I have had. I am the eldest of 7 siblings and the son of two immigrants. We moved to the U.S. after the Kuwait invasion as refugees. My family moved from state to state, city to city always in search of the next opportunity. This turned me into a total social addict. It taught me how to make friends with the homeless man on the bus stop, and the CEO at a dinner party. I’ve literally had a job for every year of my life ever since I was 9 years old, including medical school. I am proud of this and have never been ashamed of my humble roots. At 12 I was able to live overseas with my grandparents and learn what true life is like outside of the United States. Seeing true poverty during this time is what motivated me to do something with myself, and I credit it all for where I am today.

Hobbies: Para-Rock-underwater—sky-Sailing (is that extreme enough? I always feel like the stereotyped EM resident has to be an extra in a mountain dew commercial). In reality, the thing I enjoy more than anything is hanging out with my wife. Fixing things that don’t need fixing. Climbing boulders as I don’t need to buy anything to do this and the chances of me ending up another smear next to the bear poop from falling is slim to none. I also enjoy anything that is outdoors and free of charge (camping, swimming, hiking etc . . .)

Worst/Best job: There is no such thing as a bad job. Any job is better than no job. Right? Now that we got the sarcasm out of the way, let the list begin. My first job was as a shoe salesman at a Foot Locker wanna be store. This was followed by a brief stent as a cook at Boston Market (stay away from the meatloaf). I enjoyed my time as a Soccer Referee, and I made a ton of money as a telemarketing goon for the now bankrupt MCI. I sold and fixed computers for BestBuy and then I got my favorite job as a physics, chemistry, biology and anything with ology tutor at the UNM undergrad tutoring service called CAPS. I actually held this job for almost seven years on and off and can honestly say, this was my best job ever. This was followed by a brief stent as a cubicle slave for T-Mobiles tech support, and then a tutor for the school of medicine. Now I am where I am as the humble radiology department scut monkey. Here’s looking forward to becoming a resident. I hear they pay in good amounts of peanuts.

Favorite Band: Really? I don’t know

Favorite Movie: I’m not allowed to watch movies because I comment the whole way through them and my friends don’t appreciate my commentary. I think they have my picture hanging at one of the local theatres in a circle with a slash in it. Honestly though, think about it, every single space movie shows these big engines making burning sounds in space. How in the world can they expect sound to propagate through space, when the molecules are so spread out. It makes no scientific sense, but whatever.

Anything else interesting: I can pull off a few nifty card tricks if you can get me chill enough.