Daniel Shocket

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Department of Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medical Services Academy


Dan spent most of his life around Southern California. He attended UCSD for both his bachelors and MD degrees, however he spent an additional year during medical school getting an MPH and Tropical Medicine degree at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia. After returning to San Diego to complete medical school, he set out to the University of Rochester for his residency in Emergency Medicine. After spending 3 incredible (and quite chilly) years out east, he decided it was time to head back west for some good 'ole EMS fun- New Mexico style.  Dan’s medical training began as an EMT and he is excited to return to the incredible challenge of medicine in "the field." He hopes to do his part in optimizing ground and air EMS in remote and urban settings in the US as well as in international settings. When Dan isn’t out in the field chasing EMS calls, he enjoys camping in the middle of nowhere, traveling around the world with no itinerary,  eating anything and everything then exercising it off, sampling craft beer, and playing a variety of outdoor sports.​