CarleneSchleisman, MD

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Class of 2019


University of Wisconsin SOM


VacationingName: Carlene Schleisman

Hometown: Born in Waverly, Iowa but grew up in Middleton, Wisconsin

Undergrad: Loyola University Chicago

Life before med school: A couple of highlights of college for me were playing soccer and studying abroad in Peru. I entered med school right after college.

Med school: University of Wisconsin

Worst/best job: Best job was working in the playroom at a children's hospital. Worst job was working in retail- I never want to see a steamer again.

Hobbies: CrossFit, cards/board games/anything that lets me exercise my competitiveness, cooking and trying new foods, Netflix binging, exploring the outdoors, road trips, people watching in airports

Favorite band: This is season and mood dependent, but while writing this I am listening to The Decemberists station on Pandora.

Favorite movie: The Breakfast Club

Why Albuquerque: I was initially interested in the program because of the things I had heard about it from some EM residents at my home program- high patient acuity, strong reputation, and great people. I was also hoping to leave the Midwest and its winters for the Southwest and new outdoor adventures. On my interview I fell in love with the people, location, and overall vibe of the program.