CarsonWright, MD

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Class of 2018


Hometown: Huntsville, Alabama

Undergrad: The University of the South

Med school: Mayo Medical School


Why Albuquerque: It came with a gut feeling. The department is composed of incredible, down-to-earth, and high-spirited staff, residents, and faculty. They are invested in clinical education from day to day. UNM Hospital affords the opportunity to serve many on the margins and also a sick population with a wide scope of emergent pathology. I'm interested in care delivery to rural populations and treasure interacting with patients from Spanish speaking or American Indian communities. Beyond that, New Mexico is a dream place to dwell. My wife and her family are from western part of the state. There is endless landscape to explore and many characters along the way. Amidst the rigor of resident life, this is the perfect place to slow down and feed your sense of year-round, sun-filled adventure.

Life before med school: I met my wife Elspeth playing music in college. She plays dulcimer and I play banjo, resurrecting some part of Appalachia when we sing. Life before medical school was spent trying to exercise and understand our sense of place, purpose, and service in our home turfs, Cumberland Plateau to the four corners.

Hobbies: Other than for music, I have a great outdoor enthusiasm. Zoom around on some mountain or road bikes. Walk a stream and fly fish. My wife and I are always trying to grow things. We make gorgeous batches of fermented vegetables and love cooking. I watch birds; someone has to.

Worst/best job: From the few I’ve had, all were entertaining, even the daily grind at Cici’s Pizza. The most blissful summer came with cave and stream invertebrate research, a paid means of escaping Tennessee heat and crawling around in the earth.

Favorite band: Townes Van Zandt

Favorite movie: Homeward Bound

Anything else interesting: Peace! Go Lobos!

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