DeborahBromfield, PA-C

Photo: true

PA Resident


PA School: University of St. Francis

Undergrad: Business Administration

Hometown: Denver, CO


Why did you choose Albuquerque or this PA residency? I chose this PA residency because of the staff and its reputation for being a fantastic teaching hospital. Additionally, as NMs only #1 level trauma center, the hospital offers the opportunity to treat a broad spectrum of acuity
What was your previous life, before PA school? I was previously an advertising exec.
What are your hobbies? I love to be outdoors; hiking with my pup, running, gardening and just enjoying the fresh air. I spent several years horseback riding as a child and still enjoy doing that. To recalibrate I draw, paint and take yoga classes.
What was the best job you ever had? Worst Job? Best job was working on the Coors and Patagonia accounts in advertising. Worst was being 16 yo and working weekends at a carwash.
Who is your favorite band? The Rolling Stones
What is your favorite movie? No favorite, but I tend to gravitate to action/drama. I love movies and generally watch them once, with the exception of the original Star Wars.