Heather Beasley, MD

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Class of 2019


University of Utah SOM


HikingName: Heather Beasley

Hometown: Owens Cross Roads, Alabama

Undergrad: Mississippi State University

Life before med school: Worked as an EMT-basic in a hospital, a ski clinic, and for a small rural ambulance service and enjoyed my off days in the beautiful Colorado mountains!

Med school: University of Utah School of Medicine

Worst/best job: Working as a raft guide on the Arkansas River in Colorado was super fun, but sometimes exhausting, and occasionally scary—still by far the best job! I was lucky enough to meet some of my very best and oldest friends through those seasons!

Hobbies: Trail running, river boatin’, hot springing, hiking, cooking and baking, canyoneering, and skiing (badly) and climbing (poorly)…I enjoy most hobbies outside in the sun, but have little to no coordination!

Favorite band: Most bluegrass and the Talking Heads

Favorite movie: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Why Albuquerque: The Land of Entrapment/Enchantment got me good! I loved the people, culture of the emergency department, and the patient population when I rotated here as a medical student. There was a clear passion for teaching from everyone, faculty and senior residents to the nursing staff, and I really felt the training was incredibly strong. UNM truly has a county patient population—the sickest of the sick—in an academic setting, with academic resources. I really didn’t find that model anywhere else in country as I interviewed, and when I factored in the green chile breakfast burritos, there was nowhere else that fit as perfectly as ABQ!

Anything else interesting: One summer in Colorado, I got really interested in this incredibly weird sport called pack burro racing. It’s where you race on foot beside a donkey (carrying 30lbs. of mining equipment) over varying lengths of trail and it’s primarily done in Colorado. I ‘burro’d’ one of my roommate’s neighbor’s donkeys and started training him to compete, but unfortunately he was extremely fat and I was working a ton, so we couldn’t enter any races that year… But we had fun training and making bad puns, and I still dream of completing one of those races some day.