IttyMathew, MD

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Class of 2019


Case Western Reserve University SOM


in the mountainsName: Itty Mathew

Hometown: New London, CT

Undergrad: University of Pennsylvania; Hunter College, CUNY (post-bacc)

Life before med school: I spent some years after college doing research in Philadelphia before taking time off to travel (1000-mile bike trip through the Southwest, trips to Europe and India). I then moved to NYC to get a Master's of Library Science and became a medical librarian with a specific focus on disaster medicine, which ultimately led me to medical school. Right before med school, I got in some final travels, taking dive trips to Bali and Honduras, living in Santiago, Guatemala for two months, and then embarking on another 1000-mile bike tour through Baja California, Mexico.

Med school: Case Western Reserve University

Worst/best job: Worst job was any one that put me in a cubicle; best job was working bike valet at a farmers market in NYC

Hobbies: Biking and bike mechanics, fiddling with my guitars, hiking and backpacking with my wife, food projects (pickling, baking bread, etc), SCUBA diving when I have time, going a little too deep on lots of different podcasts

Favorite band: The Wrens, Mandolin Orange, Neko Case, Blood Orange, Radiohead, Big Boi, Bob Dylan, The Breeders

Favorite movie: Days of Heaven or Top Gun

Why Albuquerque: I rotated here at the beginning of 4th year and had an awesome time. I loved the patient population and felt like the environment of the UNM ED was really welcoming – I only saw positive interactions between attendings, residents, and staff, and I was integrated as a true member of the team. The program has a great reputation, and I knew I would get great clinical training treating a sick, underserved population. More than that, I've had a love affair with the Southwest for a long time – it doesn't get much better than this weather combined with easy access to mountains and sunsets.

Anything else interesting: Hmm…my wife and I met seven years ago in a hippie collective in Brooklyn, NY, where we kept chickens in our backyard and a few beehives on the roof.