Adam Tolar, MD

Photo: true

Class of 2020


University of New Mexico SOM


Hometown: Silver City, NM

Undergrad: UNM

Life before med school: My life before medical school was not overly interesting other than living three months in Granada, Spain during the fall semester of my senior year in college. I went with two of my best friends, and we had a blast meeting people, staying out late, and eating delicious food. Another thing I miss about life before medical school was how much time I had to stay active. I used to play tennis, climb, lift weights, and snowboard a lot more than I do now. Now that I am learning to juggle life a little better, I plan to get back into my favorite activities. 

Med school: Medical school has been a blur! It started out by meeting a beautiful classmate during the first few weeks of medical school. Little did I know she would become my wife, we would have an amazing daughter, and we would help each other through the rollercoaster ride that is medical school. With the little free time we have, we love to play with our daughter, go to the park, watch Netflix, host barbeques, go to the fantastic New Mexico breweries, and occasionally try to get back into shape.

Worst/best job: My only job was as a pizza maker at Papa John’s in high school. My friends get a kick out of the idea that I will go from pizza maker to doctor.

Hobbies: Parenting, Climbing, Lifting, Snowboarding, Netflix 

Favorite band: Sublime 

Favorite movie: Gladiator

Why Albuquerque: I’ve always been a New Mexico guy, and have spent the last eight years in Albuquerque. I love the size, landscape, culture, and food of Albuquerque, so there’s really no reason for me to ever leave.