Christopher Wilson, MD

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Class of 2020


University of Texas SOM at San Antonio


Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

Undergrad: University of Texas at Arlington

Life before med school: I was born in Montana, and spent most of my childhood in the Pacific.  My parents are both from TX, and that’s how I ended up there when my dad retired from the Air Force.  After high school, I studied architecture for a while, but was inspired by medicine at my job as an entry-level surgical transporter.  I switched to biochemistry and, after working as an Emergency Department scribe, steadily worked towards realizing my potential as a doctor.

Med school: University of Texas SOM San Antonio 

Worst job: Waiter

Best Job:  Dog Sitter vs ED Scribe

Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Running, Cooking, Archery, Architecture, Ping Pong, estudiando Espanol

Favorite bands:   Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alt-J

Favorite movies: Life of Pi, The Arrival, Amadeus, Apocalypto, Office Space

Why Albuquerque? My gut feeling was that I could best achieve a work / life balance at UNM. The city and the state offer a vibe that resonates with me.  The diverse intersection of cultures, the land, and the location all drew me in, and I kept envisioning myself here above all other places.  Between the incredible people who comprise the program, the clinical opportunities I was privy to during the away rotation, and the density of intensive care experience, I am confident that Albuquerque is the place where I can stay motivated, be happy, and give the program everything that I’ve got.

Anything else interesting: My first experience in Albuquerque was more than a decade ago.  A friend and I were attempting a route in the Sandias called Little Yellow Jacket.  I ended up getting the worst sunburn of my life, not to mention a massive dose of humility from my own inexperience and lack of preparedness.  Throughout the route, I spotted some guy free-soloing a rock formation in the distance.  Eventually, we reached the top of the climb, and the same guy unexpectedly happened to be there to greet us with unsolicited skittles, ginger ale, and a free ride back to the Crest. I was overcome with gratitude and even more humility. This was to become prototypical of many more positive experiences I’ve had with the people of Albuquerque over the years, and I’m eager be here and give back!