Daniel Becchi, MD

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Class of 2018


Hometown: Stamford, CT

Undergrad: College of the Holy Cross, MA (History/Italian); Columbia University, NY (post-bac program)

Med school: Jefferson Medical College, PA


Why Albuquerque: Had a great opportunity to work in Shiprock with the IHS during medical school and couldn’t help but fall in love with the land, its people and culture. I wanted to explore the mountain-west and Albuquerque seems to offer everything I could want, from the accessibility to the outdoors, unbelievably natural beauty, a unique mixture of cultures, and of course a fantastic training opportunity as well.

Life before med school: Worked as a tech and residential counselor at a psychiatric hospital in CT while going to school in NYC. Awesome experience, learned a lot about adolescent/adult mental health, surprisingly even a bit about myself too!

Hobbies: All the fun outdoorsy stuff particularly- soccer, basketball, cycling (road/mountain), running, swimming, hiking. I also enjoy reading non-fiction, whittling, drawing, traveling, discovering new restaurants, and of course, hanging out with good company.

Worst/best job: WORST- digging a water run-off trench for an entire summer in the sweltering heat, or perhaps the unfortunate monotony of stacking shelves at a local convenience store. BEST- guiding bike tours through Tuscany, while studying in Italy.

Favorite band: Bruce Springsteen!

Favorite movie: For sure; La Meglio Gioventu (The Best of Youth), but there is a long list of runners-up.

Anything else interesting: grew up living in Namibia and Zambia, which has had a huge impact on my worldview. Also, I can’t whistle, though am perpetually practicing and I guess I should admit outright that I am a horrible speller. And, I had the chance to play some soccer in college.

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