David Glass, MD

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Class of 2018


Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Undergrad: Park University

Med school: University of Illinois College of Medicine


Why Albuquerque: I did an away rotation here and was blown away by the quality of care provided, knowledge and expertise of the residents, and the amount of time attendings set aside to teach. Shelly and I loved it here a decade ago and after my away rotation, we knew we had to come back! Mountains, wide-open spaces, four seasons, big city attractions without all the traffic and hoopla…it is perfect!

Life before med school: I joined the Air Force in 1999 and I am still serving today after ten years of active duty and six-plus as a reservist. I met and married my wife, Shelly, while living in Cheyenne, WY. We lived in Albuquerque and then Tucson before moving to Illinois for medical school. While serving, I have had many great life-experiences in the military and I hope that chapter isn’t over yet.

Hobbies: Doing as many things and spending as much time with my wife and boys as possible…traveling, wrestling, “trampolining,” family room dance-offs, camping, etc. In my solo time I enjoy working out, biking, running, shooting, skiing, basically anything staying active.

Worst/best job: Best job has been my military gig.

Favorite band: I’ll go with the best Pandora station ever: 90’s grunge mix!

Favorite movie: The original, 1977, Star Wars without any enhancements, deleted scenes, or more robust death-star explosions added…you have to go to VHS for this.

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