David Horn, MD

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Class of 2018


Hometown: Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Undergrad: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Med school: Medical College of Wisconsin


Why Albuquerque: The UNM EM program has everything I could want, including ample critical care, excellent faculty, and a very hands-on training experience. The department has a big commitment to community service. Also, much of my family now lives in the Southwest, so I am happy to be closer to them.

Life before med school: As a teenager I dreamed of being Trey Anastasio. Throughout high school, all my friends and I did was play music in my parents’ basement. I set my sights on medical school during college. I also worked full time as a laboratory technician between college and med school.

Hobbies: Tabletop gaming and spending time with my family.

Worst/best job: I have never had a truly terrible job. My strangest job was certainly the two months I spent doing paperwork at a graveyard. My best job was a summer I spent landscaping. I was 19 years old, and I got to spend many beautiful Wisconsin days in the open air.

Favorite band: I have seen Umphrey’s McGee live 30+ times.

Favorite movie: Waterworld.

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