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PA Resident


Undergraduate, UNM

Physician Assistant School, UNM

Hometown: Dixon, NM


Why Albuquerque/this PA residency? As a native New Mexican, I wanted to stay in-state for both PA school and now residency. The emergency medicine program at UNM has a great reputation and I am looking forward to being a part of this institution.

Life before med school: I was a paramedic for Taos County Ambulance for almost 10 years prior to PA school. I also spent many years waiting tables.

Hobbies: I love backpacking, hiking, rock climbing (although I have not had much time for this in the last few years), traveling and gardening.

Best/worst job: Best job I ever had was working the weekend shift on the ambulance. Worst job ever was one miserable week working at Red Robin. (Did you know they have a “smiling burger song” that everyone has to learn and perfect before you can get out of training?)

Favorite band: At the moment, I love Turnpike Troubadours.

Favorite movie: “Dirty Dancing.”