Joseph Smith, MD

Photo: true

Class of 2018


Hometown: Bellevue, Nebraska

Undergrad: University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Med school: University of Nebraska College of Medicine


Why Albuquerque: I really felt like UNM and Albuquerque were an all-around great fit for me. I was highly impressed by everyone I met during my interview visit, fascinated by the patient population and pathology, and intrigued by the culture of Albuquerque and New Mexico. I also appreciated UNM’s commitment

Life before med school: I wasn’t fully convinced I wanted to go to med school straight out of undergrad, but thanks to some time I spent in Argentina doing research, I did know I wanted to take a solo backpacking trip around South America. I spent a year working a couple jobs to save money, volunteering as a Spanish-English medical interpreter and then spent three months bouncing around Peru, Chile and Argentina.

Hobbies: Being outside, hiking, camping, fly fishing, snowboarding, golf, basketball, soccer, cooking, traveling, photography

Worst/best job: Best job: I got to take a semester off in undergrad to work in a lab as part of a NSF project in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. I was supposed to be working on a project involving a couple species of small lizards, but I also spent a good chunk of the time traveling around northern Patagonia collecting various species of fish for a neighboring lab. I had a great time working with awesome people, and got to see some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen.

Favorite band: Bomba Estéreo

Favorite movie: Snatch

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