Kaitlyn Kennedy, MD

Photo: true

Class of 2020


University of Washington SOM


Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Undergrad: Colorado State University

Life before med school: I went to grad school with plans to continue on the research path but after graduating I was ready for a change. I lived in Uganda for a few months doing research in an emergency department, which was my first introduction to medicine and global/public health! I then lived in a van in New Zealand for a few months and explored, kayaked, backpacked, and meandered through the beautiful country. After that I moved to Alaska to study for the MCAT and explore yet another gorgeous place. It was then back to Boise where I worked a few jobs for a year to support my REI job because of the prodeals!

Med school: University of Washington 

Worst/best job: Best job was for my grad school research. I worked at a small company that partnered with the CDC to develop a dengue fever vaccine. My coworkers/bosses were amazing, I learned a ton, and had a blast learning about viruses.

Hobbies: Backcountry skiing, trail running, mountain biking, throwing pottery, playing piano, going on walks with my dog 

Favorite movie: About Time

Why Albuquerque: I heard amazing things about the program and was drawn to the patient population, strong training, and Albuquerque sunshine. On interview day, the philosophy and vibe of the program and everyone I met sold me.