Kristin Anchors, MD

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Class of 2018


Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Undergrad: Arizona State University

Medical School: The University of Arizona


Why Albuquerque: I rotated here as a medical student because it had a great reputation, was close to family, and set in the beautiful Southwest. I came back because of the patient population, pathology, down-to-earth, intelligent residents and faculty, friendly staff, and overall family feel of the program. 

Life before med school: Was glorious! I may start referring to that time period as the good ol' days.

Hobbies: Manifesting my dreams, exploring the world with wonder, road trips, chasing the setting sun, star gazing, swimming in natural water sources, sharing space and time with friends.

Worst/best job: Life drawing model. Fitting in a few hours here and there between classes in college to sit (or stand) around paid fairly well, plus I was able to learn art theory on the side. But one does not know the power of an itch, ache, numb limb or bead of sweat like the model who must remain still for five, ten, twenty minutes at a time.

Favorite band: Since I was a little girl my dad would play his guitar and sing to us, which left me with a sweet spot for classic rock (and singer-songrwriters). In college I fell in love with electronic dance music. At present I listen to a lot of indie folk rock (my back up plan if this does not work out is to join The Avett Brothers).

Favorite Movie: Spirited Away

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