Kristina Sycamore, MD

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Class of 2017


Undergrad: Brigham Young University

Med School: Saint Louis University

Hometown: Provo, UT


Why Albuquerque: Great program, great people, great outdoors. And I really want to live in the Southwest.

Life Before Med School: I studied Archaeology as an undergraduate and spent my summers working on archaeological excavations – two in Italy, and one in Petra, Jordan.

Hobbies: I like to try lots of random, new things. Some of the things I like to do are: taekwondo, geocaching, hiking, jigsaw puzzles, archery, quilting, camping, frisbee golf…anything fun and/or outside really.

Worst/Best job: Worst job – definitely as a custodian on the 6th floor of the university’s business school starting at 5 am, emptying the same trash cans over and over and over again. Best job – probably an archaeology TA.

Favorite Band: That’s hard. I don’t really choose favorites because it depends on the week. I like something from every genre, but I mostly listen to country music.

Favorite Movie: Again, depends on the week. Right now I love the Lego Movie

Anything else interesting: I started taekwondo the first year of med school and got a black belt in my fourth year.

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