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Leah Schraga, MD

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Class of 2017


Undergrad: Neuroscience, Brandeis University

Med School: Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Rappaport Faculty of Medicine.

Hometown: Menands, NY


Why Albuquerque: I was lured to emergency medicine thanks to the brilliant and warm community of educators here. The learning is endless with the enormous catchment area, uniquely diverse population, and truly outlandish things that can be seen on a given day in the ED in New Mexico. Beyond the hospital, I love this quirky city with its mountains and bike trails and endless thrift stores.

Life Before Med School: Spent outdoors, traveling and living overseas. Time spent in Hawaii, Israel, Oaxaca, Yosemite, and other trips along the way. Neuroscience research too.

Hobbies: Traveling, hiking, backpacking, biking, thrifting, crochet, and chasing snow.

Worst/Best job: Wilderness conservation work with at-risk youth in the four corners area. Exhausting, exasperating, and sometimes even rewarding. It was both best and worst, but I really can’t complain as it was my first exposure to southwest splendor.

Favorite Band: Led Zeppelin

Favorite Movie: Life Aquatic, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Brazil, City of Lost Children

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