Leticia Daconti, MD

Photo: true

Class of 2017


Undergrad: Cornell University

Med School: University of Pennsylvania

Hometown: Recife, Brazil


Why Albuquerque: Great reputation of program, super nice residents, caring program director, underserved Spanish-speaking patients, sunshine (YAY!), critical care.

Life Before Med School: I lived in sunny Recife until the beginning of high school, when my immediate family moved to Scotia, NY. For college, I moved to Ithaca, NY, a place that is very dear to me for its beauty and amazing people. Finally, my husband and I moved to Philadelphia for medical school/graduate school.

Hobbies: Dancing, traveling, photography, baking.

Worst/Best job: Best job - medical interpreting.

Favorite Band: Coldplay. With that said, I love most music… from Andrea Bocelli to Eminem.

Favorite Movie: Bridget Jones Diary

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