Michael Mandrell, M.D.

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Class of 2017


Undergrad: Colorado College

Med School: Creighton University

Hometown: Portland, OR


Why Albuquerque: I did an away rotation my 4th year of med school at UNM and had a great experience. The training at UNM is excellent, with very knowledgeable attendings, motivated residents and a huge catchment area. The Southwest also has great mountains, awesome weather and excellent food. What’s not to love!?

Life Before Med School: I spent a year between college and med school in Bozeman, MT skiing, fishing, biking and hunting. I worked in a clinical laboratory to pay the bills, but mostly just had a blast living with a few college buddies, enjoying the rivers and mountains of Montana.

Hobbies: Skiing, fly-fishing, backpacking, hunting, biking, flying . . . really just about anything outdoors.

Worst/Best job: In college I worked weekends and holidays at Breckenridge Ski School. It was both my best and my worst job. Having an excuse to go to the mountains every weekend was great and the perks were to die for. Although I love teaching kids, it’s a huge tease being on the bunny slope when it’s a blue bird powder day. Not to mention my luxurious accommodations consisted of the back of my Subaru Outback parked at a trailhead with every blanket and sleeping bag I owned.

Favorite Band: Currently I’m stuck on Hootie and the Blowfish

Favorite Movie: Heat

Anything else interesting: I am hoping to finish up my private pilots license while in Albuquerque and start learning to fly in the backcountry.

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