Nicolas Segal, MD, PhD

Photo: true

Class of 2020


Faculté de Médecine - Pierre et Marie Curie


Hometown: Paris, France

Undergrad: No undergrad system in France. I went directly from high school to med school.

Life before med school: I start volunteering as an EMT for the French Red Cross, one of Paris EMS system, when I was 16. 

Med school: Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris, France

Worst/best job: It is going to sound very cliche, worst job, my first job at McDonald's. Best job, Emergency physician in Paris fire department. 

Hobbies: I love cooking, grilling, eating, trail walking and traveling. I am also a sci-fi, heroic fantasy nerd. I try to exercise several times a week, lifting weights while convincing myself that it counts as cardio, I am also really excited to be able to ski again and start mountain biking after moving to New Mexico. 

Favorite band: I prefer soundtracks from movie John Williams, Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, Thomas Newman, Steve Jablonsky

Favorite movie: Les uns et les autres, Jean de Florette, Manon des sources

Why Albuquerque: I entered the interview season looking for three things in a program: #1 the opportunity to work with fun, hard-working people #2 living somewhere I’d be excited to explore during days off #3 A program that offered exceptional opportunities within my interests in Emergency Medicine, EMS, intensive care and research. The University of New Mexico fulfilled all of these and then some making the program a great fit! 

Anything else interesting: 42 - If you have to ask, you’ll never know. If you know, you need only ask.