Thomas Kinsley, MD

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Class of 2017


Med School: University of Washington, Seattle

Hometown: Kodiak, Alaska


Why Albuquerque: The program just fit, there is a strong connection to Alaska, and I wanted to work with a large Native American population. My grandparents also live in New Mexico and I love exploring the desert mountains and canyons, even though I start to melt when the temperature is above 85 degrees.

Life Before Med School: Worked for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for 6 years doing remote fieldwork with salmon, herring, crabs, and other various creatures, taught secondary school in Western Kenya, worked on a commune on Maui learning organic farming and non-violent communication, married my partner Rose who is from Belgium, peacefully played outside the rest of the time.

Hobbies: Whitewater and cross-country exploratory packrafting trips, sewing, making videos, gardening/gathering/subsistence activities, tinkering, putzing around, and contemplation.

Worst/Best job: Counting salmon at a remote weir on Afognak Island while living in a cabin by the river with a smokehouse, greenhouse, a private steelhead/salmon/rainbow trout flyfishing river, bears playing in the yard, ocean skiff, unlimited food orders, my best friend as my crewmember, and 23 hours of daylight to enjoy it.

Anything else interesting: Was a member of an Alaska high school state champion basketball team, I have ridiculous size 15 feet, and I did a 26-day packrafting trip down the Grand Canyon in 2014 during which I evacuated a guy with a self-inflicted penile fracture.

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