UNM EMS Fellowship Program

Our ACGME-accredited EMS Fellowship is designed to provide strong training for future EMS Physician leaders.  We offer a broad introduction to all aspects of EMS Medical Direction, EMS Research, EMS Policy, and Clinical Prehospital Medicine.  UNM EMS Fellows are active members in the UNM EMS Consortium Physician Field Response Program and work alongside UNM EMS Faculty as well as EMS providers from our many partner EMS agencies.  Our fellowship was fully accredited by the ACGME in 2013 with retroactive approval to October of 2012, and graduates are eligible to take the ABEM EMS Subspecialty Board Exam.  Our three fellowship positions enable EMS Fellows to pursue a specific interest of EMS within their fellowship. We have had 8 fellows complete the program since accreditation and more prior to accreditation.

One of the three fellowship positions focuses specifically on Rural & Tribal EMS, working closely with our new Center for Rural and Tribal Out-of-Hospital Medicine. Rural EMS Fellows will have the opportunity to work closely with rural and frontier counties of New Mexico, tribal EMS agencies, and remote National Park Service agencies, including Grand Canyon and Carlsbad Caverns National Park. The unique challenges of rural and austere EMS will be explored, including the development of extended care 911 protocols, community paramedicine strategies in remote locations, and approaches to austere and wilderness medical care. 

Now accepting applications for our 2017-2018 EMS Fellowship! Contact Darren Braude at dbraude@salud.unm.edu.

EMS Faculty

The fellowship faculty includes the Program Director and Associate Program Director, three additional core faculty and a host of other physicians and non-physicians.  Contact with the faculty is extensive including excellent attendance from the faculty at our weekly meetings and didactics.  

Darren Braude, MD-1
Andrew Harrell, MD-2
Chelsea White, MD-3
Jenna White, MD-4
Doug Dixon, MD-5
Joy Crook, MD-6

What can I expect as a UNM EMS Fellow?

Orientation Month:

  • Intensive introduction to the UNM EMS Consortium Physician Field Response program
  • Hands-on training in emergency vehicle operations, fire-ground awareness, tactical medicine awareness, HazMat awareness, vehicle extrication, mountain rescue orientation, radio communications, “first on scene” operations, and much more
  • Familiarization ride-alongs and activities with our partner agencies so that each EMS Fellow is ready to perform solo as a full-fledged UNM EMS Consortium Physician at the end of the month!
    The July orientation month is also open to visiting senior Emergency Medicine residents as an away elective; this is a strong introduction to the EMS Fellowship and the role of the EMS Physician. Prospective fellowship applicants are strongly encouraged to participate! Contact EMS Section Chief Darren Braude, MD at dbraude@salud.unm.edu for more information.

The Rest of the Year
Once off and running, the rest of the year is focused on becoming an EMS Physician. Fellows are assigned an EMS faculty mentor, who will provide 1:1 mentorship in structured and unstructured activities throughout the year.

  • Fellows are designated as an Associate Medical Director for the Albuquerque Fire Department and for one additional service between the Bernalillo County Fire Department, Rio Rancho Fire Rescue or a collection of rural agencies, based upon fellow interest. Under the guidance of a EMS faculty medical director, these services provide the bulk of the opportunities for EMS Medical Direction, Quality, and Field Operations experiences (though the fellows will also be involved with our other partner EMS agencies as well.)
  • Weekly didactic sessions following the ACGME goals and objectives highlight critical EMS Physician topics and prepare the fellow for the ABEM EMS Subspecialty Exam.
  • Frequent meetings and interaction with local, state and regional EMS officials provide the EMS fellows a strong background in EMS Policy
  • Fellows are heavily involved in EMS education through the UNM EMS Academy and through their primary EMS agencies.

These are just the highlights – there are plenty of additional opportunities for EMS Fellows to become involved in a variety of aspects of EMS as well, including wilderness and austere medicine, search and rescue.

Commitment to EMS Field Time
We strongly believe that EMS physicians and medical directors are made in the streets.

  • Each fellow is assigned a take-home fully equipped emergency response vehicle to respond to requests for EMS Physician Field Response when on call for the EMS Consortium as well as to respond to other EMS calls of interest at any time.
  • Between the fellows and the faculty, the UNM EMS Consortium provides 24-7 coverage 365 days a year both for EMS Physician phone consults and field response.

Research and Scholarly Work
Each fellow is expected to complete a scholarly work over the course of the year though many fellows get involved in more than one. We work with the fellows to find a project that is useful, interesting and manageable. In addition, fellows refine their skills at interpreting medical literature through our didactics and monthly EMS Journal Club.

Clinical Opportunities in Emergency Medicine.
EMS Fellows will work up to an average of 12 hours each week in the UNMH ED – the only Level 1 Trauma Center for the State - functioning as a “super resident”. Fellows are usually assigned to replace one of the attendings providing double-coverage on our resident conference day. In this manner the fellows can manage critically-ill patients without feeling that they are competing with our EM residents.
EMS Fellows can also moonlight as attending physicians in the emergency department at UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center, our brand-new community hospital on the north edge of nearby Rio Rancho, NM. SRMC offers the excitement of single and double coverage shifts in a community ED truly on the border between the Albuquerque metropolitan area and the frontier, with the comfort of the support of UNM Hospital downtown.

Courses and Conferences
All fellows are sponsored to attend the annual NAEMSP meeting and National EMS Medical Director’s Course at a value of nearly $5000. In addition we have had fellows attend ACEP, CONTOMS, confined space courses, the AMPA Core Curriculum, Eagles, the Air Medical Transport Conference, etc. based on funding availability.

Other Details

Vacation: Fellows accrue 3 weeks of vacation and 3 weeks of sick leave per year 

Salary and Benefits:  Fellows are paid as PGY4 house officers.  In addition to sponsorship to attend NAEMSP and the medical director’s course, each fellow receives a $500 travel and education stipend and $400 for field response uniforms.  Fellows are full-time hospital employees with full health and other benefits.


Please email the Fellowship Program Director, Associate PD or our current Fellow:

Fellowship Program Director:
Darren Braude, MD, EMT-P

Associate Program Director:
Chelsea White IV, MD, EMT-P

Application Process

Please send a letter of interest and your CV to the Fellowship Director using email or US Mail to:

Darren Braude, MD, EMT-P
UNM EMS Fellowship Director
Department of Emergency Medicine
MSC11 6025
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

2016-2017 EMS Fellows

Dorothy Habrat
Dorothy was born and raised in Southern California, earned her Bachelors at San Diego State University, then completed medical school in Los Angeles. Her next move was to the Midwest where she completed an Emergency Medicine residency in Omaha, Nebraska. It was a fun 3 years filled with excellent training and learning the importance of Husker football. She also learned that she wanted to be more involved in EMS and that she was not compatible with winter. After spending a month in Albuquerque with the EMS Consortium last July, it was pretty easy to see that her next move should be to the Southwest. She is looking forward to getting field time with all of our different EMS agencies. Albuquerque seems to be the perfect place to be, an abundance of sunny weather and tons to do outdoors! She is looking forward to exploring the beauty of New Mexico with the help of her 2 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Amjad Musleh
Amjad is working on his fourth stint at the University of New Mexico, having completed his undergraduate and medical school education here in addition to his Emergency Medicine residency. He’s hooked on ABQ and excited to get out into the field and experience the world of emergency medicine outside of the emergency department. In his free time, Amjad enjoys spending time with his wife, bouldering, camping, swimming, and hiking.

Daniel Shocket
Dan attended the University of California San Diego for college, studying International Studies before completing an MPH&TM at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia. He then ended up at back at UC San Diego for medical school and completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Rochester in 2016. Dan’s medical training began as an EMT and he is excited for the incredible challenge of medicine “in the field”. He hopes to do his part in optimizing ground and air EMS in remote and urban settings in the US as well as in international settings. When Dan isn’t out in the field chasing EMS calls, his hobbies include camping in the middle of nowhere, traveling with no itinerary, eating anything and everything then exercising it off, sampling craft beer, and playing a variety of outdoor sports- land, wind, water, and snow.

2017-2018 EMS Fellows

Kimberly Pruett, MD

Graham Smith, MD

Jason Zeller, MD

UNM EMS Fellowship Graduates

Russell Baker, MD

Brenda Lanan, MD

Aaron Farney, MD
EMS Medical Director, Livingston County
Clinical Instructor of Emergency Medicine
Division of Prehospital Medicine
Dept. of Emergency Medicine | University of Rochester

Ryan Hodnick, DO, EMT-P
Medical Director, TriState CareFlight
Medical Director, Santa Fe County Fire

Will Selde, MD
Medical Director, Wyoming Life Flight

Chelsea White, MD, EMT-P
UNM EMS Fellowship Core Faculty
Medical Director, Bernalillo County Fire Department
Medical Director, Western Refinery Fire Department

Jenna White, MD
UNM EMS Fellowship Core Faculty
Medical Director, Cochiti Fire and EMS
Medical Director, Cibola Search and Rescue
Assistant Medical Director, Sandoval County Fire Department

Danniel Stites, MD
Medical Director, PHI Air Medical Arizona

Andrew Harrell, MD
UNM EMS Fellowship Core Faculty
Medical Director, Albuquerque Fire Department
Medical Director, NM Task Force 1

Kari Peterson, MD
Medical Director, Canyon County (ID) Paramedics

Brad Greenberg, MD
Justin Hazen, MD
Laura Kay, MD
Gina Wilson-Ramirez, MD, MPH


Please feel free to contact our program coordinator if you have any questions:

Darren Braude, MD, EMT-P
EMS Fellowship Director
Department of Emergency Medicine
MSC11 6025
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

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