Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness EMT Upgrade


The Wilderness First Responder strikes the perfect balance between time invested and confidence earned for any community member treating backcountry emergencies

Course Design

Get Prepared...

Wilderness accidents and emergencies happen all too often. Whether you are backpacking in a remote area, climbing at the crags or running in the foothills, being able to provide medical care in a remote environment is essential for any outdoor enthusiast.

A Unique Online & Live Practical Hybrid Course Design


Our online and live practical hybrid format combines interactive online-learning sessions with realistic practical field sessions to deliver high quality yet flexible wilderness medical education. All members of the community are welcome to join. 40 hours of online learning include high-quality recorded lectures, detailed skill demonstration videos, discussion forums and preparatory quizzes. The 4 full-day practical sessions are held in the mountains, where students learn to perform skills and execute practice scenarios in true outdoor environments.

Already an EMT?

Students who have already taken an EMT course have two options. 1) Take the full WFR course to earn your EMT Upgrade. This will satisfy all requirements for national recertification and state relicensure, and you will get a comprehensive review of basic EMT skills, common emergency pathologies and essential treatments . 2) Take the Upgrade Only course. This course is only 16 hours of online content focusing exclusively on wilderness relevant topics, plus 4, all-day practical field sessions. These are the identical field sessions that WFR Students will attend.


Why us?

-2 Year WFR Certification

New Mexico EMS Bureau Approved Training Institution - Seamless in-state licensure

-Students who complete the WFR will be eligible to test for National Registry Emergency Medical Responder Certification

-All faculty members are paramedics with experience teaching and practicing wilderness medicine

Are you a UNM Student?

UNM Students can now take the WFR for 4 university credit hours. Register on LoboWeb for both the 3 credit lecture and 1 credit lab. This is an EMS 193 course. UNM Students who have taken or are taking an EMT-Basic Course can enroll in the W-EMT Upgrade Only Course for 2 university college credits.

Upcoming Courses

Email us at HSC-IMMC@salud.unm.edu if interested...

Wilderness First Responder

Summer 2016

  • 40 hours self-paced online over 8 weeks
  • 40 hours field practical sessions held 9AM-5PM on June 18th, 25th & July 9th, 16th, 23rd
  • $550.00 community members, 4 credit hours for UNM Students

Wilderness EMT Upgrade

March 20th - May 14th, 2016

  • 16 hours self-paced over 8 weeks
  • Afternoon practical sessions held each week on Monday, 1-5pm
  • $375.00 community member, 2 credit hours for UNM Students (CRN - 54398)

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Have a group that needs WFR Training?

UNM Austere and Mountain Medicine can also teach contracted courses to groups needing WFR training. These groups may be camp counselors, mountain guides, or search and rescue teams. Please email tmaysch@salud.unm for additional information about pricing, scheduling and availability.

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