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Health Information Exchange

secure-dataThe Child Ready Program will guide and direct patients and providers to participate in Health Information Exchange (HIE).

The New Mexico Health Information Collaborative (NMHIC), a program initiated by the Lovelace Clinic Foundation (LCF) Research in 2004, is the health information exchange (HIE) network for the state of New Mexico. This program allows clinicians at participating health care facilities to view patients' summary health information after obtaining consent. The summary health information includes problem list/diagnoses, medication list, allergy list, immunizations, procedures, lab results, radiology reports, transcribed notes, dates of service, and names of providers. This information is gathered from all facilities which have treated a patient and are part of the NMHIC network. This program helps facilitate coordination of care and reduce duplication of resources.

What is HIE?

An HIE is the electronic movement of health-related information among organizations according to nationally recognized standards. HIE is also sometimes referred to as a health information network (HIN).

  • All medical information is kept private and secure and is viewable only by authorized healthcare providers. State-of-the-art systems are used to secure records to the greatest degree possible and prevent access by unauthorized persons.
  • All systems must comply with the security rules of the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA is the minimum requirement, though state laws and regulations are often more strict.
  • An HIE may share clinical information such as test results, current medication, allergies, and other clinical information vital to patient care.
  • Certain demographic information used to identify the individual, such as name, birth date, and address, might also be shared.


What is the New Mexico Health Information Collaborative (NMHIC)

The New Mexico Health Information Collaborative (NMHIC) is the name of New Mexico’s rapidly growing health information exchange (HIE) network and the community collaborative that has supported its development with time and funding. The collaborative includes important New Mexico stakeholders representing health care providers, payers, employers, state agencies and consumers. NMHIC was created in 2004, and continues to be fully staffed and operated by LCF Research. LCF Research is a 501(c)(3) non-profit applied health research organization.


To improve healthcare quality and efficiency through the creation of a statewide health information exchange network that is trusted and valued by all stakeholders (employees/patients, employers, physicians, health systems and health plans).

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lcfWhat is LCF (Lovelace Clinic Foundation) Research?

At LCF Research, the mission is to improve quality, control costs, and expand access to health care by conducting research in healthcare delivery and public health, providing continuing professional education, and advancing meaningful use of health information technology.

Health Information Technology

In order to achieve their mission of improving healthcare quality and cost-effectiveness, LCF Research has developed a significant focus on Health Information Technology (HIT). The HIT staff is dedicated to staying well-versed in emerging technologies with the potential to improve healthcare efficiency and quality and to support patient self-management and wellness.

They are developing extensive healthcare data warehouse technology to support our research activities and are creating network technology services and a comprehensive Health Information Exchange (HIE) network to serve New Mexico. Their HIE network is the New Mexico Health Information Collaborative (NMHIC). At present, they are participating with the Social Security Administration in the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN).

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