Research In Acute Care Course Track

The Research in Acute Care Course Track is a multi-semester course track designed to prepare students to conduct human subjects research by supporting them through the entire lifecycle of a real world research study.  New students begin in the first part of the course track with rigorous hands-on training in the day-to-day process of conducting research in the UNMH Emergency Department and gradually work toward idea generation and protocol development.  In the subsequent semesters, students work in small groups to take one idea from IRB approval through data collection, analysis and publication.  Additionally, the course track gives pre-health sciences students the opportunity to receive college credit while accruing clinical shadowing hours and making a meaningful contribution to medical science. 

Examples of IRB-approved student generated research studies include:

  • “Patient Satisfaction and Wait Time Expectations: Effects of Providing Information to Emergency Department Patients in the Waiting Room” Principal Investigator: Jon Femling MD, PhD
  • “Evaluation of the Impact of the Affordable Care Act (2013) on a Patient’s Medical Decision Making” Principal Investigator: Robb McLean, MD
  • "Evaluation of the Readiness for Change in Emergency Department Patients in Relation to Alcohol Misuse and the Nature of ED Visit” Principal Investigator: Cameron Crandall, MD

Current UNM students can apply for the course using our online portal. Due to the immense interest in the course, we cannot accept all applicants. For those interested in taking the introductory course for Fall, please complete your application prior to the April deadline. For those interested in taking the course in the Spring, please complete your application prior to the November deadline.

For additional information or questions about the course, please contact our offices at