About the NM1-DMAT Team

Baton-RougeThe NM1-DMAT is composed of over 200 volunteers from communities around the state.  The response team usually consists of  35 of those volunteers, but the team can actually field up to three teams at once.  The responders are chosen from the total membership according to the needs of the mission. The team members are paid as part-time federal employees while serving during a disaster. The team members’ regular employment is protected during attendance at approved trainings and during deployments under the Uniformed Services Employment.

The DMAT is fully self-sufficient in both the ability to provide high quality disaster medicine in an austere environment and to provide for its own logistical needs. This means that each DMAT travels with not only medical equipment and supplies but also with shelter, food, water and water purification systems, communications and other equipment necessary to the provision of both team and patient care within a disaster area.

Disaster deployments by the NM1-DMAT

Event Name Event Location;  Deployment Date

wreck-3Earthquake '89, Travis Air Force Base, California; Aug. 7, 1989

Hurricane Hugo, St. Croix, Virgin Islands; Sept. 29, 1989

Hurricane Andrew, Dade Co., Florida; Aug. 28, 1992

Hurricane Iniki, Kauai, Hawaii; Sep. 19, 1992

Steel Cure II, Cape Girardeau, Missouri; Oct. 22, 1992

Northridge Earthquake, Los Angeles, California; Jan. 18, 1994

Hurricane Opal, Camp Shelby, Mississippi; Oct. 5, 1995

carsSummer Olympics, Atlanta, Georgia; July 5, 1996

Hurricane Georges, Maxwell AFB, Alabama; Sep. 27, 1998

Kosovo Refugee Intake, Ft. Dix, NJ;  

Hurricane Bret, San Antonio, Texas; Aug. 22, 1999

Floods & Mudslides, Venezuela; Jan. 6, 2000

Cerro Grande Fire, Los Alamos, New Mexico; May 13, 2000

G.W. Bush Inauguration, Washington, DC; Jan. 18, 2001

Tropical Storm Allison Floods, Houston, Texas; Jun. 10, 2001

Terrorist Attack Pentagon, Washington, DC; Sep. 17, 2001

Terrorist Attack World Trade Ctr, New York; Sept. 29, 2001

Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City, Utah; Feb. 14, 2002

Hurricane Lili, Shreveport, Louisiana; Oct. 2, 2002

flood-streetGuam Deployment, Guam; Jan. 28, 2004

Hurricane Frances Stuart, Florida; Sep. 3, 2004

Hurricane Katrina,  New Orleans, Louisiana;  August 26, 2005

Hurricane Rita, Woodville, Texas; September 23, 2005

California Wildfires, San Diego, California;  October 24, 2007

Haiti Earthquake, Port-au-Prince, Haiti; February 26, 2010