New Mexico Medical Reserve Corps - Volunteers Categories

A MRC unit needs volunteers from many different backgrounds and may include:

Volunteers Categories

Physicians Assistants
Respiratory Therapists
Emergency Medical Technicians
Medical Technicians
Pastoral Counselors/Chaplains
Mental Health Practitioners
Health Care Administrators

Public Health Advisors/Experts
Health Educators
Public Relations Experts
Social Workers
Trained Interpreters
Community Planners
Environmental Engineers
Medical Records Experts
Medical Supply Experts
Maintenance Workers
Equipment Workers

Cooks/Food Preparers
Unit Secretaries
Cache Coordinators
Communications Specialists
Security Officers
Childcare Providers
Animal Handlers
Graphic Designers
Video Production Specialists
Information Management Specialists

Volunteers will be required to attend a new volunteer orientation, as well as volunteer trainings. Volunteers will be informed of orientations, coordination meetings, trainings, exercises, and other activities relevant to the MRC.