Reach and Treat

EMSA Search and Rescue

The UNM EMS Consortium Reach and Treat Team is a statewide search and rescue resource dedicated to quickly locating, accessing, and treating lost or injured persons in any terrain, while providing paramedic and/or physician level medical care. As an internationally recognized mountain medicine educational institution, Reach & Treat faculty commonly engages the search & rescue community in collaborative learning and training opportunities to excel our statewide medical and technical expertise.

Reach & Treat Highlights
  • Executes rescues in desert and high mountain environments, high and low angle rock terrain, caves, and winter and snow terrain.
  • As a resource to the New Mexico State police, State SAR Incident Commanders commonly activate Reach & Treat.
  • Reach & Treat can also be activated directly by partner agencies, i.e. agencies with which the EMS Consortium provides medical direction or through a direct mutual aid agreement
  • Reach & Treat does not provide ICS resources for SAR events. Reach & Treat integrates into existing ICS command structures.
  • Reach & Treat is a NM EMS Bureau recognized EMS service through the UNM EMS Consortium.
  • Reach & Treat maintains active members who are both Paramedics and Physicians. These individuals are faculty for UNM’s Diploma in Mountain Medicine Program.
  • Current Diploma in Mountain Medicine students may accompany Reach & Treat faculty on search and rescue missions. All student interns are fully licensed NM Paramedics and have passed the NM State search & Rescue field certification exam .
  • Reach & Treat members all have technical rescue qualifications and have passed rigorous skill examinations gained at minimum through our Diploma in Mountain Medicine program.
  • Reach & Treat has a full compliment of technical rescue equipment to include ropes, hardware, climbing equipment, man made anchoring materials to include a Hilti rock hammer, terradaptor for high directional placements, titanium litter, and sked-co.
  • Reach & Treat Paramedics work under EMS Consortium medical protocols and carry a full compliment of ALS equipment including medications and narcotics.
  • Paramedics utilize NM EMS Bureau Wilderness protocols allowing for clearance of the cervical spine and reduction of dislocations.
  • Reach & Treat paramedics can administer field blood products and have a special skill for Tranexamic Acid (TXA).
  • In addition to significant clinical knowledge, Reach & Treat Physicians bring additional skills to include Rapid Sequence Intubation, antibiotic administration, and lightweight field portable ultrasound machines.
  • Reach & Treat members are intimately familiar with the Sandia Mountains and routinely train and recreate on the hiking trails and rock climbs in the Sandias.
  • Collectively Reach & Treat members have climbed over 200 different rock climbing routes in the Sandias of varying grades of difficulty.
  • Reach & Treat members train monthly and execute search, technical, and medical exercises.
  • Reach & Treat members all have varying degrees of helicopter work experience to include shorthaul operations and hoist/tagline operations. At a minimum all members have trained with the NM National Guard Medevac DUSTOFF.