Rachael Horner, MD

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Department of Emergency Medicine

Assistant Professor

Emergency Medicine


Undergrad: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (BA), The George Washington University (MS)

Med School: Ben Gurion University

Hometown: Ohio->NC->DC


Why Albuquerque: In no particular order: the unique patient population, the strong critical care faculty and training, the strong international health faculty and training, the dedication to teaching/academics, the clinical exposure with a high ED volume + only level 1 trauma center + longitudinal pediatric exposure, and the easy access to outdoor activities.

Life Before Med School: I am on the extreme end of “non-traditional medical student” so the list is extensive. But among other things I: traveled/worked my way around North America, South America, Africa, Europe; worked/traveled the US as a corporate trainer for a sports bar; traveled around China and South East Asia; performed research in a microbiology lab in Bangladesh; and started my own personal training business.

Hobbies: Tend to be some combination of athletic, creative and social, including: running, painting/drawing, climbing/bouldering, reading (real) books, improv comedy, break dancing, biking, hiking, traveling, camping, and cooking.

Worst/Best job: They all had their pros and cons but...I loved being a delivery driver for Gumby’s Pizza. I hated being a sales consultant for a luxury apartment complex. I loved/hated being a personal trainer.

Favorite Band: My iTunes is eclectic with genres spanning from hip-hop to jazz to country to classical to classic rock to grunge to “fill-in-the-blank.”

Favorite Movie: My movie taste is also eclectic and I will watch (and fall asleep during) everything, but tend to prefer comedies, action, Danish films, and an occasional chick flick.

Anything else interesting: Absolutely. And, I enjoy swapping (mis)adventure stories...like the time I did door-to-door sales calls, as a hand model, with a traveling, cosmetic saleswoman, in China.