Coffee Brown, MD

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Department of Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medical Services Academy

Lecturer III

Medical Director for the Bachelors in EMS program


Residency in Emergency Medicine, UNM Emergency department

MD, University of Arizona Medical School

BS, U of A, combined science degree (Summa Cum Laude)


I began life as an art major, but got hooked on science. I began life poor, got better, and am happy in the middle. I began life young; I plan to finish old.

Teaching Interests

  • Medical diagnosis and management
  • Medical reasoning
  • Positive psychology for better clinicians
  • Cultivating lifelong learners

Research Interests

  • Patient assessment skills and clinical reasoning
  • Methodology of encouraging learning

Center/Laboratory/Program Affiliations

  • UNM
  • SOM
  • Emergency Medicine Department
  • EMS Academy