Tamara Barrett, RDMS (ABD) (OB/GYN)

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Department of Emergency Medicine

Assistant Director

Ultrasound Program


BA, Theatre, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound, Austin Community College, Austin, TX

MBA, Norwich University, Northfield, VT


We left New Mexico when I was 6 years old and I grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago. Once I completed my undergraduate degree, I moved to Austin. On an administrative track at the Austin Diagnostic Clinic, I was walking through radiology when I glanced through an open exam room and saw a carotid ultrasound study being performed. I didn’t know what ultrasound was but I knew I wanted to learn how to do it!

Since becoming a registered diagnostic medical sonographer in 1994, I’ve worked in both hospital and outpatient settings. My primary focus for many years was High Risk OB. I’ve also had my own business and worked as a traveler. I was the supervisor of the UNMH Radiology ultrasound department before leaving to pursue my MBA. It’s been an exciting ride to come back to the UNM system as a faculty member in the Department of Emergency Medicine. Point of Care Ultrasound is a great diagnostic tool that can assist in answering specific questions and help with patient care decisions. Let’s learn how to perform great studies!

Teaching Interests

  • Foundational experience for ACEP core exams and beyond
  • Alignment of studies to meet reimbursement requirements

Research Interests

  • Use of diagnostic ultrasound in the post mortem setting
  • Use of diagnostic ultrasound in Midwifery to reduce premature births and increase birthweights in rural New Mexico