Molly Johnson, MD

Photo: true

Class of 2021


Med School: University of Missouri - Columbia

Undergrad: University of Missouri - Columbia

Hometown: Osage Beach, Missouri


Life before med school: I took a year off between undergrad and medical school during which I worked as an EMT in Columbia Missouri

Worst/best job: I worked at McDonalds after high school and this job really made me appreciate furthering my education. My favorite job was being an EMT!

Hobbies: Parenting, Reading, Anything outdoors- hiking, biking, rock climbing, swimming, skiing (water or snow).

Favorite band: I enjoy all kinds of music especially live!

Favorite movie: Pitch Perfect

Why Albuquerque: I had heard great things about the program and the city. With further research the amount critical care and diverse patient population was exactly what I was looking for in a residency. During the interview everyone I met was welcoming and fun to be around. Outside the hospital is beautiful land with lots of activities that fit my family’s interests.

Something interesting about me: I used to be a gymnast.