Andrew Berglund, DO

Photo: true

Class of 2018


Hometown: Laguna Niguel, CA

Undergrad: Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA

Med school: Western University of Health Sciences


Why Albuquerque: Of all the places I visited, UNM did the best job of putting resident education first. The fact that it's a large level 1 institution with faculty interested in EMS, wilderness and disaster medicine also helps. As a town, ABQ combines the best of everything into one place: lots of sunny days, tons of trails to ride, world class snow a few hours away, and more green chiles than I know what to do with.

Life before med school: I was a paramedic and wilderness first aid instructor

Hobbies: spending time with my wife and dogs, mountain biking, camping/road tripping, finding great places to eat.

Worst/best job: worst was probably answering phones at a call center for an insurance company. Best was working at a good friend's glass shop or being a paramedic.

Favorite band: hmmm, it changes - maybe today it's The Descendants

Favorite movie: The Matrix

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