Prospective Applicants

Emergency Medicine Residency

Established in 1987, the University of New Mexico School of Medicine residency in emergency medicine is three-year training program with 12 residents per year. It has ACGME accredited Fellowships in Pediatric Emergency Medicine and EMS, plus a Sports Medicine Fellowship through Family Medicine, Palliative Care through Internal Medicine, and a non-ACGME accredited Wilderness Fellowship.

Emergency Medical Service Academy

The EMSA is part of the Department of Emergency Medicine in the UNM Health Sciences Center School of Medicine. Students and residents are involved in all aspects of prehospital care including, but not limited to, education, medical direction, direct field care, research and system development. EMSA programs serve communities statewide, including rural areas.

Medical Student Clerkships

The UNM Department of Emergency Medicine offers a variety of medical student clerkships based on elective subjects, including Disaster Medicine, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Wilderness and Austere Medicine, and more.

Physician Assistant Residency in Emergency Medicine

The UNM Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant (EMPA) Residency is an 18-month program with the goal of educating PA residents to comfort and competence in the care of critically ill patients, providing clinical and didactic teaching needed to address the broad scope of emergent presentations, and fostering skills necessary to be leaders in the profession.