Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate (AEMT)

This course is designed to instruct a student certified at the EMT-Basic level to become an EMT-Intermediate.

After successful completion of the program, the student will be capable of performing the functions proscribed by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) Emergency Medical Technician- Intermediate curriculum, and the additional requirements of the State of New Mexico EMT-I curriculum.

The Course

EMT intermediate

The EMS Academy EMT-Intermediate training program began in 1977 with a single 40 hour course. Today it consists of three parts: didactic, lab and clinical, that total approximately 250 hours.

The curriculum includes National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Emergency Medical Services Education Standards as well as additional curricula that prepares the student for National Registry Advanced EMT certification and New Mexico EMT Intermediate licensure,

The course also prepares future EMS field personnel to stay on the forefront of prehospital field techniques, with individual instruction in intravenous fluid therapy, immunizations, Intra Osseous/IM/subcutaneous medication administration, I.V. medication administration, nebulization therapy, patient assessment skills, and other treatment modalities utilized by AEMTs/EMT-Intermediates.

Following the successful completion of the Didactic and Laboratory aspects of the class, the student will complete at least seventy two hours of clinical rotations/field internship. This offers students the opportunity to apply their skills in both a clinical and/or field setting. The EMS Academy has clinical arrangements with many of the major hospitals and EMS services in New Mexico, and can usually afford students the opportunity to complete their clinical and field internships in their local community.

Students who successfully complete the course are awarded a certificate of completion and will be eligible to sit for the National Registry certification examination and subsequently apply for licensure as a NM EMS professional.


Applicants to all of the EMT-Intermediate (AEMT) classes affiliated with the EMS Academy must hold a New Mexico EMT-Basic license. Applicants from out of state must be either Nationally Registered EMTs or registered EMT-Basics in their home states, and must be in the process of transferring licensure to New Mexico.

Pre-Admission Information