Diploma in Mountain Medicine (DiMM)

Setting the international standard for advanced mountain medicine training for Physicians, Mid-Levels, Nurses and Paramedics.

The Diploma in Mountain Medicine

The Diploma in Mountain Medicine course includes nearly 200 hours of didactic and practical training in mountain rescue. Students gain a thorough understanding of commonly encountered wilderness pathologies and spend hours simulating complex patient care in extreme environments and difficult terrain. This training equips health professionals with the knowledge and skills to adapt their medical practices to the mountains. Students are held to a high standard, and are expected to demonstrate through written and practical examinations both understanding of didactics and competency performing rope rescue skills. Students leave ready to become technical and medical leaders for rescue teams around the globe.

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Our program is accredited by the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA), International Commission for Alpine Rescue (ICAR) and the International Society for Mountain Medicine (ISMM). Per this accreditation, each successful graduate will receive an internationally recognized Diploma in Mountain Medicine (DIMM).


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This option appeals to the active professional who hopes to continue their work while earning a Diploma in Mountain Medicine. This course is divided into 2 components:

  1. Summer Session
    • 25 hours of interactive, self-paced Online Didactics completed over the 8 weeks prior to the Summer Practical Seminar
    • Summer Practical Seminar - 9 days of intensive live training based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, class sessions held throughout the 4 corners
  2. Winter Session
    • 25 hours of interactive, self-paced Online Didactics completed over the 8 weeks prior to the Winter Practical Seminar.
    • Winter Practical Seminar - 9 days of intensive live training based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, class sessions held mostly in Ouray/Silverton, Colorado Area.
  • 200 hours total online + seminar education
  • Meets and exceeds curriculum requirements for UIAA/ISMM/ICAR - Diploma in Mountain Medicine
  • Students will be eligible for CME and CE credit

Starting in 2016/2017, we will have one program that will begin with part 1 in the Summer and finish with Part 2 in the Winter, and another course that will begin with part 1 in the Winter and finish with Part 2 in the Summer. This will give students the option of starting in either the Summer or the Winter.

Course Fees:

  • Paramedic/Nurse: $3,000 per session
  • Mid-Level Providers (NP/PA): $3,250 per session
  • Physicians: $3,500 per session

Students must attend both a Summer and a Winter session to complete the DiMM. Students will have 4 years from their first session to complete the DiMM


For those hoping to attend our session during a typical university style schedule

  • 3 university courses over 2 semester
  • 50 hours of interactive, self-paced online didactics
  • Fall Courses
    • Austere Medicine - 3 credit hours lecture - This course is focused on the medical management of patients in the backcountry. Topics center around managing emergencies in the backcountry with limited resources, and long transport times. Standard approaches to emergency medical care must be carefully adjusted to the realities of working in a mountainous environment. Students learn in-depth medical management of altitude and environmental emergencies, field ultrasound considerations, and principles of improvisation that help providers treat when standard medical equipment is lacking. The lead instructor of this course, Dr. Darryl Macias, brings decades of experience treating and training in austere environments from Peru to Haiti to Chamonix.
    • Mountain Medicine - 3 credit hours Lecture + 3 credit hours lab - Practical experience providing patient care in the mountains is the focus of this course. Success in rescue is depends on personal preparedness and simulation experience, and so we focus our time in this course practicing medicine in blowing snow, barren deserts, and high altitude ridgelines. Students travel to the Malpais caves near Grants, NM, Cabezon Peak near San Ysidro, NM, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ, Williams Lake outside of Taos, NM, and Red Mountain Pass in the San Juans Mountains to practice these skills. Topics include navigation techniques, survival skills, avalanche rescue considerations, helicopter rescue operations, cave rescue considerations, etc.

Our semester program begins each August. Please contact us by March 31st of the same year if you are interested in this format. E-mail us to inquire.

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