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International Mountain Medicine Center


Foundational Wilderness Medicine


Our foundational courses train community members to take life saving actions when emergencies occur in the backcountry. Whether you are an avid mountain biker, search and rescue volunteer, or parent out on an extended hike with your kids, we will help you build a foundation of knowledge and skills to care for medical illness and traumatic injuries that commonly occur to outdoor recreationalists.

Our Wilderness First Aid course covers the most basic knowledge to provide first aid far from a city center. This is a quick, 16 hour course completed partially online with one, full-day field session.

Our Wilderness First Responder is a more comprehensive introduction to wilderness emergency medicine, and affords students the time to gain confidence delivering care in extreme environments. This course is roughly 40 hours online with 4 full-day practical field sessions.

Our Wilderness EMT Upgrade expands on initial EMT training to prepare rescuers for the demands of emergency care in the mountains. Our upgrade only course is 16 hours online with 4 full-day practical field sessions.

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Mountain Medicine for Health Professionals


The Diploma in Mountain Medicine program sets the international standard for comprehensive training in mountain medicine for medical professionals. Nurses, paramedics, physicians and mid-levels will leave this course prepared to be leaders of complex technical rescue and able to provide medical care where resources and environmental conditions are extreme.

Our program is accredited by the UIAA (International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation), ICAR (International Commission for Alpine Rescue) and ISMM (International Society for Mountain Medicine) to award program graduates Diplomas in Mountain Medicine.

We offer two schedule options: Online + Seminar Hybrid

  • 50 hours interactive online learning
  • 9 day Winter + 9 day Summer Seminar, both held in the NM, CO and AZ
  • CME and CE Eligible

Semester Based Course

  • Weekly in class and practical sessions
  • 15 university credits

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Wilderness Medicine Fellowship & Resident /Medical Student Elective


UNM Austere and Mountain Medicine offers physician specific wilderness medical education. The Wilderness, Austere and International Emergency Medicine Fellowship is a rigorous one year-long experience designed to give the fellows experience in in pre-hospital, disaster, tactical wilderness/urban search and rescue, and emergency medical educational situations. Through a combination of work-study projects, conferences, clinical shifts in the ED and a series of fundamental didactics, fellows will gain experience in austere and wilderness emergency medicine.

The Wilderness, Austere and International Emergency Medicine Elective Rotation is a month-long course for physicians, residents and medical students. This month of immersion in all things austere introduces students to the management of a wide range of medical pathologies from the perspective of resource limited and environmentally challenging settings.

This course is held in Albuquerque with field sessions across the southwestern states. Field sessions allow for hands on application of content in real-world conditions, including high altitude mountains of Colorado, the barren desert of Joshua Tree National Park and the steep cliff faces of the Sandia Mountains.

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