Wilderness First Aid


A quick and essential introduction to the basics of medical care for the ill and injured in the backcountry

Course Information

Who is this course for?

Whether you lead groups on wilderness outings or are an avid weekend warrior, adding a basic level of medical training to your preparedness will help you manage the first moments, minutes and hours of an emergency in the backcountry. We are a group of mountain rescue paramedics and physicians, and we know that bystanders and group leaders often have the opportunity to act early and effectively to prevent emergencies from spiraling out of control

What will I learn?

This is our most basic mountain medicine course that we teach. In a total of 8 hours online and 8 hours of practical field work, we cover the essentials of life saving techniques to help correct problems with a patients airway, breathing and circulation. We address commonly encountered illnesses and injuries in the backcountry, like hypothermia, bites and stings, injuries to bones and joints, and spinal/head injuries, just the bare essentials.


Course Training

How is this course taught?

This is an Online and Practical Hybrid Course

  • 8 hours of online lectures completed from home
  • One-day, 8 hour practical session to drill hands-on skills
  • 2 year certification

When is this course offered?

We run Wilderness First Aid courses throughout the calendar year. Check out our Upcoming Courses and Events Page to find scheduled courses.

Have a group that needs WFA training?

We commonly teach WFA courses on contract with organizations hoping to train personnel in Wilderness First Aid. These groups are commonly SAR teams, summer camps and field researchers. We can schedule these courses based on your availability anywhere across the Southwestern United States. Email us to schedule a WFA for your organization.


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