Welcome to the Pediatric Emergency Department Rotation

Resident Teaching

Everyone must read the Orientation Booklet to find out your requirements for completion of this rotation.  

Rotation Schedule:  The published schedule is final.  If you have received the schedule and feel you need certain days off, please work out a swap with an appropriate level.  The HOIIs and HOIIIs can swap with each other, the HOIs can swap with each other, and the Students can swap. If you need out of a shift and can do another one that is blank, please contact me first.  Please notify bearodriguez@salud.unm.edu with any swaps or questions.  

Sick Call:  If for some reason, you cannot show up for a shift, please contact the attending.  If you are sick for a shift, it is your responsibility to get the shift covered.  You need to call the Peds ED attending @ 306-8138 to let them know you will not be there.  You must then also call your own department (Peds, EM, or FP) to call in your back-up resident.  Each service provides back-up for their own residents.    

Students: Below is a link to an evaluation form to print that the attending must fill out for each of your shifts. Please make sure to give it to him/her before each shift.
Shift Evaluation Form

When you have completed your rotation please fill out the faculty evaluation form which is also attached to your e-mail and return it into the brown box at the workstation.
Rotation and Faculty Teaching Evaluation Form   

Enjoy your rotation. 

For more information or questions contact:

Grace Park, DO

Beatrice Rodriguez