Pediatric Emergency Medicine

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Prevention Activities


Child ready Home Safety Tool

Child Ready Home Safety Tool App

A key component of the CR Program is prevention initiatives.

The Child Ready program takes a strong position to provide injury prevention training for Community Health Representatives (CHRs) as well as all healthcare providers who provide care to children and their families. CHRs are members of the community who are employed by the tribe, public health or IHS. They conduct home visits in the community to help patients with transportation to medical visits, medication regimens, nutrition and other public health actions.

The CHRs will use the injury prevention training to do home assessments and disseminate the information to increase the safety of children. Examples include educating parents/caregivers regarding childproofing the home to prevent pediatric poisonings, ensuring safe sleeping environments for infants and providing information on car seat safety.

Develop injury prevention training for CHRs

The training will include an instructional module on prevention principles and interactive tools to assess homes, community, and emergency plans for common childhood illness to help the family ensure the safety of their child. This training and tools will be web based AND be made available on external jump drives for areas with little or no internet access.