Virtual Pediatric Emergency Department Telehealth Network

Program Overview

At the University of New Mexico, our Virtual Pediatric Emergency Department Telehealth Network program connects hospitals, providers, and patients. This program uses robust technology to connect UNM Hospital providers with clinicians from rural hospitals around the state offering consults for the acutely ill or injured child to help improve the health and wellness of rural and tribal children. The program helps children stay in their own communities, thus decreasing the need for parents to drive long distances for their child's medical care.

The Child Ready Virtual Pediatric Emergency Department Telehealth Network program is expanding to include telehealth courses for providers and clinical staff. Some of the topics are pediatric respiratory care, wound management, infectious diseases, pediatric case review, safety and injury prevention, child abuse, nurse competencies for children in ED settings, and including children in a hospital disaster plan. CEUs and CMEs are available at no cost.

You Tube
Quick 5 min Telehealth training video on YouTube

Zuni Telehealth Training
Telehealth Training at Zuni Comprehensive Community Health Center

A partner in the program is the UNM Center for Telehealth and Cybermedicine , a part of UNM Health Sciences Center.


The program goals are to grow the Child Ready Virtual Pediatric Emergency Department, including:

  • Expanding opportunities for consultation by our Child Abuse Response Team (CART)
  • Continuing medical education in pediatric emergency medicine and suspected child abuse assessment
  • Educating about injury prevention (including suspected child abuse assessment)
  • Bringing additional sites into the network

Map of Participating Telehealth Sites

Map of Telehealth Sites
  • Acoma-Cañoncito-Laguna Hospital, Acoma   |  61 mi
  • Artesia General Hospital, Artesia   |  244 mi
  • Crownpoint Healthcare Facility, IHS   |  134 mi
  • Guadalupe County Hospital, Santa Rosa   |  116 mi
  • Lovelace Regional Hospital, Roswell   |  244 mi
  • Mescalero Indian Hospital, IHS   |  214 mi
  • Northern Navajo Medical Center, Shiprock   |  212 mi
  • Roosevelt General Hospital, Portales   |   230 mi
  • Sandoval Regional Medical Center, Rio Rancho   |   29 mi
  • Union County General Hospital, Clayton   |   272 mi
  • Zuni Comprehensive Community
    Health Center, Zuni   |   150 mi

Program Team

Virtual Pediatric Emergency Department Telehealth Network Team UNM HSC CR Virtual Pediatric Emergency Department Telehealth Network Team (pictured from R to L in photo)

  • Matthew Lebsack, Telehealth Technician
  • Chuck Noon, Manager of Telehealth Program Development
  • Norman Cooeyate, Cultural Liaison
  • Jeff Bullard-Berent, Telehealth Medical Director
  • Christie McAuley, Program Specialist
  • Sara Daykin, Registered Nurse, Pediatric Emergency Department Educator
  • Robert Sapien, Chief-Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  • Katherine Schafer, Program Manager