History of EMSC In New Mexico

paramedicsSince its inception, the New Mexico EMSC project has been instrumental in several projects including:

  • Organization and oversight of the EMSC Advisory Committee
  • Development of the Childhood Updated Medical Summary (ChUMS) booklet.
  • Disbursement of subcontract funds to EMS services around the state to conduct community injury prevention projects.
  • Establishment of the first and only Pediatric Emergency Department in New Mexico.
  • Development of a pediatric curriculum for all levels of EMT (Basic, Intermediate and Paramedic)
  • Training of EMS personnel as injury prevention advocates.
  • Conducted a statewide hospital needs assessment of pediatric care.
  • Development of an EMS for School Nurses curriculum.
  • Appointment of a statewide EMSC Medical Director.
  • Provision of the PEPP course to field responders.
  • Participation in Regional and National planning meetings on EMSC issues.
  • Provision of equipment to services in rural, underserved areas.