Technical System Requirements

Modules 1 - 9 can be viewed without additional technology. An up to date Flash Player plug-in is needed for aesthetics only. To test your Adobe Flash Player or download and install the current version please see the instructions below.

Modules 10 - 11 are technologically advanced and require the following:

OUR VIDEOS DO WORK. Please read these requirements.

High Speed Internet Connection. The EMSC modules 10 -11 were designed to utilize sophisticated and advanced technologies for the internet to bring rich, interactive and exciting learning online. The computer system you use to take the course must have a broadband connection (CABLE, DSL or T1 line with download rate of 300 kbps) to the internet in order to view the streaming video that is a large portion of the course.

Video Viewing Issues:

  1. Videos stream from YouTube. If a message at the bottom of the video player continuously displays "Connecting" and no video plays this is usually due to firewalls and filters in the institutions. Contact your IT department for assistance or view in another location outside of the institution.
  2. Another message display at the bottom of the video player "Buffering" and the video never plays is usually due to a too slow internet connection.
  3. Finally, other issues are usually related to the computer itself if it is not updated routinely or is an older machine.

Speakers properly connected and volume adjusted are required for the audio portion of the video.

Adobe Flash Player

A current Flash Player must also be installed on the computer you are using. Most computers today have the player already installed with the browser. If you use an institutional computer system or terminal, it is possible both streaming video and Flash Player technologies may be disabled, you then must contact your system administrator for assistance or use another computer.

  • To test your Adobe Flash Player click on the "Test Flash" button

  • To install the Free Adobe Flash Player, click on the icon below to download the player. Follow instructions given at the Adobe website for downloading and installation. After the install is complete, return to this page, click on the "Test Flash" button to ensure a successful install was done and that the player is working properly.


Contact Technical Assistance if this guide did not solve your issue.