Technical System Requirements

OUR VIDEOS DO WORK. Please read requirements below:

High Speed Internet Connection. The VSNEMS course was designed to utilize sophisticated and advanced technologies for the internet to bring rich, interactive and exciting learning online. The computer system you use to take the course must have a broadband connection (CABLE, DSL or T1 line with download rate of 300 kbps) to the internet in order to view the streaming video that is a large portion of the course.

Speakers properly connected and volume adjusted are required for the audio portion of the video.

Internet Explorer (5.0 or higher). The course is best viewed in the newest browser versions and other browsers will display the course with potential minor or major viewing changes. If you are not currently in IE, but have it on your computer, open it, and go to this web address for the best viewing experience.

MAC users will have issues viewing the course in general and in the Safari browser. The University of New Mexico is a Windows platform institution and the video in our modules stream from a Windows Media Streaming Server on campus. We apologize for any inconvenience to Mac users but this is the current resource available to the Department of Emergency Medicine.

Other video viewing issues:

  1. If a message at the bottom of the video player continuously displays "Connecting" and no video plays this is usually due to firewalls and filters in institutions or schools. Contact your IT department for assistance or view in another location outside of the institution.

  2. Another message display at the bottom of the video player "Buffering" and the video never plays is usually due to a too slow internet connection.
  3. Finally, other issues are usually related to the computer itself if it is not updated routinely or is an older machine. Below is a troubleshooting guide and resource for current downloads of the 2 components used in the course.