Emergency Medicine Programs

For additional information on individual programs, choose from the following list:

  • Center for Disaster Medicine 
    At the University of New Mexico Center for Disaster Medicine we believe that preparing for and responding to disasters is the responsibility of the whole community. Since 1989, CDM has supported community disaster preparedness through applied disaster research, healthcare disaster planning, emergency preparedness training for responders, and disaster field services.
  • Center for Injury Prevention Research and Education 
    CIPRE is deeply involved in improving awareness of injury prevention throughout the state. It provides support, information, and guidance to local groups, medical professionals, and other individuals working to build safer communities. Through these efforts, CIPRE encourages proactive steps to reduce injury at the local level. As a teaching institution, UNM also has the opportunity to disseminate information on prevention to doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals.
  • Center of Surgical Critical Care
    The UNM Center for Surgical Critical Care is organized as an enterprise that reports to the Chairs of the Departments of Surgery, Neurosurgery, and Emergency Medicine who are the primary stakeholders in Surgical Critical Care at UNM. The Center consists of Surgical and Neurologic Intensivists, and is the structure for which all surgical critical care is managed at UNM. The goals of the Center are to provide the most progressive, multidisciplinary, and professional surgical critical care in the Southwest. The Center continuously works toward the improvement of process efficiencies, reduction of critical care morbidity and mortality markers, the extension of critical care to remote locations, and the continued education of physicians in training as well as local and regional health care providers.
  • Center for Rural and Tribal Medicine
  • Emergency Medical Services Academy 
    The Emergency Medical Services Academy, a division of the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center School of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine in Albuquerque, New Mexico trains men and women in the field of pre-hospital emergency medicine. They are recognized as the lead agency in curriculum development for prehospital emergency medical services by the state EMS Bureau.
  • International Mountain Medicine 
    The International Mountain Medicine Center at the University of New Mexico is one of the premier programs for mountain emergency medicine and rescue in the world. Our faculty consists of mountain rescue paramedics, emergency medicine physicians, and mountain guides. We focus our teachings on internationally accepted and evidence based concepts, and strive to contribute to the general knowledge base of our field through research, education, and our own mountain rescue practice in New Mexico. Our internationally recognized courses equip health professionals with the knowledge and skills to adapt their medical practices to the mountains. Students leave ready to become technical and medical leaders for rescue teams around the globe.
  • Global Health
    The Center for Global Health has a tripartite mission focusing on research, education, and clinical service in an international context. The Center fosters partnerships with international organizations as well as focusing research and clinical efforts on a number of priority areas in regional and international health.
  • Medicine Bow 
    Medicine Bow, provides emergency medical care to large gatherings which occur as a result of university functions or on a contractual basis with other agencies. This includes the New Mexico State Fair, athletic events, as well as concerts and other such activities.
  • New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center 
    The New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center coordinates statewide public education programs in order to reduce the incidence of unintentional poisonings and increase awareness of the New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center's services.
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine
    The Pediatric Emergency Department provides specialized, compassionate, family centered pediatric emergency services for ill or injured children from birth to age 18. Attending physicians from the Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine are trained in both pediatrics and pediatric emergency medicine.