Tactical Emergency Medical Service (TEMS)

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The UNM EMS Consortium tactical EMS Program is a group of specialized paramedics to support tactical law enforcement operations. The program started in 2013 under the Medical Direction of Dr. Joy Crook, to provide medical support to New Mexico State Police Tactical Team. We are state-wide deployable resource on-call 24/7/365. The team consists of 18 specially trained Tactical Paramedics, 2 Team Leaders, 1 Assistant Team Leader, 1 Medical Director and Pharmacist.

This unique group has the ability to access direct on-line medical direction through the EMS Consortium Medical Director program 24/7/365 with the availability to have the physicians deploy in the field on missions. Each paramedic is highly trained with a minimum of 3 years’ experience as a paramedic in a high call volume system. Each member is required to attend quarterly training, be on call for two 24 hour shifts per month.

The program is contracted to provide medical support to New Mexico State Police Tactical Teams, Rio Rancho SWAT Team and New Mexico State Police Bomb Team. The program conducts approximately 50 missions a year to include, New Mexico State Police Tactical operations, New Mexico Bomb Team, Rio Rancho SWAT Team, DEA, FBI, HSI, ATF, and the USMS.

The group has applied for and been granted special skills approval to administer Tranexamic Acid (TXA) and has the ability to administer pre-hospital administration of blood through the University of New Mexico Blood Bank.

For more information please contact:

R. Elliott Guinn Team Leader

Jodie Esquibel Team Leader